Friday, August 7, 2009

Free to good home

I have decided I just can't find the right spot for this awesome T.V cabinet, the grainy pic doesn't do it justice but its a lovely deep, shiny, burgundy colour. I thought I might put a fish tank in it but have never really got round to it, the lid lifts up on the left hand side, there are no speakers in it at the moment so it has been used as storage. Now I have decided to do some shifting and shuffling inside the house it just ain't gonna work for me!
I need a dining table. Except I don't really have the disposable income right now, so today I am on the search for a $100 or under pine style table that I can paint. Hmmm... think it's do-able?


meglet said...

Oh I love it!! But I can't think of anywhere I could put it in my house :( damn shiny new apartment with no personality...
I hope whoever gets it gives it the love it deserves!

Meg said...

Yep, I reckon it's doable. Did you find anything? xx