Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm trying to choose a colour to paint my new-to-me table. Yup! I did it! A dining table for under $200. Not only do-able but super easy and I think I excelled.
I have broken my hibernation and have been leaving the house... even at night! ..oooh yeah. Dinner in Daylesford reaped the reward of a lovely evening with friends and also in mentioning my great table mission up popped an opportunity! So, one weekend later and I am proud owner of a 'new-to-me-bought-from-a-green's-party-fundraiser'dining table. For just $50!
Lucky really as my budget was blown when discovering that my bottled gas has run out whilst taking a very cold pre-table-shopping shower.... brrr. So at just $50 for the table I can also get gas, and therefore hot water as well. Thing is, I ordered a new bottle on Sat and it still hasn't arrived. If you spot me in the street this week excuse me for being a bit stinky!

Back to the table, I think I am leaning towards a blue/grey at the moment, I'm diggin these duck-egg tones and ever helpful Allison has lent me these colour swatch books to help in the painful-to-me colour choosing process. I'm often unlucky with paint and just a smidgen off the shade I want takes me right back to the paint shop.


Umatji said...

oh I hate choosing colours - my idea of twisted mean and unnatural torture. good luck.

Leonie Guld said...

Those colors are brilliant. I love painting furniture, Jump on my blog and go to kate in NZ she is "greedy for color", her tables are particularly good if you want some bright inspiration!! Oooh and the $50.00 Bargain, congratulations!!

Anonymous said...
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