Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday saw me wearing this...

A find from vintage store 'Doris' in Bendigo, I love it's sailing boat print and the 'up-cycled' machine embroidery of sailors tattoo images. Ok, so the cut does make me look slightly like a whale about to calve but heck, I love it anyway.

Worn to lunch at Eclectic Tastes, my fave cafe in Ballarat, Allison and I met up with the very glam Meg from Cocktail Rings and Vintage things where a healthy discussion of Blogland proceeded followed by some avid snapping of the occasion.

As I am sure I'm not the first to discover, shopping for a 10 year old girl is tough, really tough. It's a funny age, developing teenage tastes inside a little body, children's clothes are too dagy and adult clothes too small... what is a girl to do?
A great portion of last weekend was spent trying out outfit my blokes ever growing daughter, but we did spot these on our travels. Ballarat Best and Less are sporting Owl Undies. It's a sad, sad owly day. Sniff.


meglet said...

Ahhhhh... I LOVE that dress!
It's super cute. Lovely to meet you!

Betty Jo said...

I wonder how much the designer got thinking up the slogan on those undies!