Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not Left Behind, is the title of an exhibition being held at our local town hall this week. Featuring items members of our community took with them whilst being evacuated this bush fire season. Although I didn't need to leave my home, I took the precaution of packing the car in readiness which turned out to be much harder than I had expected, I intended to quickly throw a few possessions in the car 'just in case' but instead found myself wandering around the house listlessly, staring at my belongings thinking "If I never saw this again would my life be different?"

Whilst staring at my vintage dress collection (one of the great joys of my life!) I concluded that it was a case of all or nothing... my belongings were precious as a collection, not individual items, that if I took one teacup it would cease to be important once isolated from it's companions.

Realising this made things easy, I am important... therefore I will certainly take Myself, aside from that it's only 'stuff'. I packed the following...

My ipod.

A photograph of my Grandfather, Larry, taken in 1997 just before I moved away to Art College.

My cheap silver wedding ring.

My dog.

I'm not really sure why those items made the cut but as I forgot to pack any spare undies it's a good job the worst didn't happen!

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