Sunday, April 5, 2009

I have had a rather productive weekend so far, I'm a pretty home-focused kind of gal and I have had the most lovely time over the past couple of days pottering around the 'grounds'. I have a wonderful new (to me!) wood heater which is an absolute joy. Open fires are very romantic but getting sweaty for half an hour every day splitting a forests worth of wood for it to chew through isn't so attractive. I love my 1950's Rayburn, the cream enamel is immaculate and the chrome 'spinny wizzy thing' you turn to close it down is super shiny, it even has a niffy dual ended tool to complete the process. I love it!

Still, it looks a little incongruous in my Victorian fireplace and my grey makeshift hearth leaves a little to be desired... but heck, snuggled on big cushions, sipping cheap red wine with a friend whilst actually being warm well makes up for it.

I Had a great day out on Friday in Marybrough with Allison, we op-shopped (pure wool jumpers to felt, great roses tin and Japanese stacking mugs) and stopped in Clunes at the wonderful Widow Twankys. A real feast for the eyes this sweet shop/ice cream parlour/tea shop is just amazing and lights up the otherwise ghostly town. Humbugs, toffee and Rhubarb and Custards in my sticky mitts.... yummy.

I did manage to resist a charity shop urge I have been indulging in lately, that of the crochet blanket. I now have enough to cover both my couch and one armchair with colourful crochet goodness (the other has a beautiful soft wool blanket throw to give the eyes a rest.)

I have also been re-arranging the furniture in the house which is a favourite Sunday afternoon past-time for me, as well as painting some furniture... not sure if that raspberry pink is a good idea yet... and also making some softies,, more on that soon!

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Lark said...

Ha ha, granny square heaven, it looks ace Steph!