Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Boring Post With No Pretty Pictures

Drip, drip, drip. What a wonderful sound to wake up to. I think for the first time ever I am feeling an affinity with rain.
Waking up this week I have had the distinct sense that Autumn is making its self known, the mornings are getting darker, the evenings cooler and the soggy skies a blessing.
I know I have already mentioned my 'alien' qualities to Australia and although I hate to bang on about it I have been picking at this little scab a fair bit lately and wondering if it will ever quite heal?
I have grown a terrible bastardised pom/aussie accent, I have learnt to think in dollars (which being numerically challenged is quite an achievement), I know more than your average woman should about growing potato's in drought but there is something that just doesn't feel right, blogging has helped me pin-point this canker as 'Southern Hemisphere Seasonsonality Disorder'.
Now don't get me wrong... I Love Australian weather, you won't hear me complaining about it one wee bit. But much as I stretch with contentment in my thongs and singlet (or flip-flops and vest-top as they are known back home) the seasons just don't ring true. Reading blogs from Northern parts of the world, while I was suffering a heatwave they are shivering in sleet and snow, and today while Autumn pokes its nose round the corner they have crocuses in bloom and are experiencing the deep rooted hope that spring about to be sprung brings.
And so am I.
Its quite disconcerting this conflict with the seasonallity, Summer leaves me wanting to hibernate, Autumn brings new projects and Winter... well, that's not so far off an English Summer anyhow so jumpers are still on and all is well.
There is an old Yorkshire saying my Gran used to pop out, "Nay cast a clout till May is out" this roughly translates as "Don't take your vest (singlet under clothes) off until the Hawthorn blossom drops from the trees" Wise words in the wild and rugged Yorkshire Dales, Spring is a tricky one and after February brings the cold damp winds of March then good old April Showers until finally, around June the weather turns fair and we all strip off in the 19 degree heat and lie in parks getting red. Then, come mid-July all turns chilly in time for the summer holidays.
I know this, I feel this. It rings, it resonates, its bloody horrible and I'm glad I ain't there.

But I guess my displacement isn't so uncommon. In this changing world Meg writes of Solastalgia "a form of homesickness one gets when one is still at home," to quote her...

"Coined from responses from interviews Albrecht conducted over the past few years, the word describes Australians' deep (and growing) sense of loss as they watch the landscape around them change. "They no longer feel like they know the place they've lived for decades," he says."

Most of this countries population are also of foreign descent, somewhere along our heritage line we are nearly all incomers. We are discovering our European enforced way of life just may not survive these changes. So I suppose I'm not the only one feeling unsettled right now. With Daylesfords dramatic few weeks and the general anxiety in Victoria I hope this rain, brief though it may be, sooths some nerves, waters-down some stress and settles this nation of settlers.

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