Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spotty-lite delight

I had a spending frenzy (as per usual) in spotlight a few weeks ago and after a double-take and a giggle at the comment from a beautiful boy "I want you to make me a Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse dress!" I met the lovely susieqiloveyou!

I assist the lovely Mrs Lark and the delighful Mrs Daylesford Organics in organising the Daylesford Makers Market, and susieqiloveyou was selling her lovely bags, ooh, what a lovely chat! I love making new friends especially ones who have such good taste in pretty patterned fabric! I have been peeking at her blog and am proud to announce the launch of her new brand 'Minaudiere'. In French a "small possibly jeweled receptacle for carrying things in", in other words a handbag.
I am coveting this vintage rose 'minaudiere' myself.... cooooo.....

We had both been eyeing-up a cute as a button print and unable to resist any longer I promised to post whatever I decided to make, so here it is, with the help of a sadly shrunken pure wool jumper I have been making some little purses and necklaces

Dates for the next market have been announced, (March 8th) the last market was a roaring success and to be combined with Daylesfords Chill Out festival promises a great weekend! I Can't wait!

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susieqiloveyou said...

aww you are too sweet. Thanks for the mention.

I have to admit I went to Spotlight today for more fabric goodness and noticed that fabric you bought was reduced so I had to buy it and the pink spots. It was down to $5! Very happy me. I am making a bag out of it will have to show you when I am done. I am a big copy cat lol but I couldn't resist .

Hey my email is Let me know when you are in Ballarat next and we can catch up for a spot of shopping and cake.