Sunday, November 30, 2008

Early, busy, sunny, Sundy!

Crafty packs galore!

WoW! What a wonderful day Sunday was! With Daylesford cloud turning to a warm sunny day this weekends market was a blooming success! It was so lovely to see at last all the gorgeous things my fellow Daylesfordians have been working on! There were folk from all over including Melbourne and even Mildura!
Allison (aka Mrs Lark) was a local celebrity with a number of "I love your Blog!"s thrown in her direction... I think it made her a wee bit shy. :)

Allisons Lark Stall

I had a missing marque-pole disaster but great weather saved the day, I also manged to snaffle up some of Indigos beautiful hair jewels to feed my button addiction. Sigh.. now I need a great long lie-in.... yawn.

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Kitschen Pink said...

Where'd you go?! Happy New Year! t.xx