Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Bush, the Lamb and Chinese Whispers

Somewhere in distant memory I recal a very brief discussion with a neighbour (6kms down the road, but still, a country kinda neighbour) about a bush party they were planning, in aide of the sale of their particularly lovely 27acre bush/farmland block in the lovely little hamlet of Rocklyn (Famous for its sadly demised Rocklyn Roses). This distant memory, fuelled in its vagueness by Stones Ginger wine at local groovy haunt 'The Palais', soon came to slap me in the chops (excuse the pun) when last week said lovely neighbour Dave called me to remind me that celebrations were forth-coming and to take me up on my kind offer of organising a lamb on a spit for the occasion!
Why! Imagine my Surprise, nay, nervous bewilderment, as he recounted my boasts of being a sheep-wrestling, char-grilling, rotate-a-riffic, lamb-on-a-spit master! (Gulp) Now don't get me wrong, there is a grain of truth to these outrageous claims, I have in my day assisted in the occasional Al fresco lamb cooking experiences, however I think that salivating over tasty sheepy cooking smells at other events then lamely hiring a gas fired version from the Daylesford butchers doesnt back up my outrageous claims!
Too late now! I'm in at the deep end, so grabbing my orange inflatable armbands and nose-clip I garble a hasty goodbye and speed-dial 'The Most Useful Bloke I Know', my elderly neighbour, Reggie.
Reg deserves every capital letter in his for-mentioned superhero pseudonym, whipping up in a welding frenzy a device to put to shame all other homemade-sheep-cooking devices and so armed I set forth to wrestle a half-frozen sheep carcass onto its custom-made star picket roasting device! good old Reg to the rescue once again! Phew!
Needless to say the lamb was amazing (at least that was the word from sheep-greasy, normally vegetarian mouths) and Reg was grumpily but secretly pleased to be guest-of-honour and I lived up to self-proclaimed sheepy genius! Huzzah huzzah!

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beck said...

Wow, things are really rockin' at Rocklyn! Next thing you know you'll be hosting the annual Rocklyn Lamb Festival!